Tony’s Story

Tony Natalie FRONT

Tony burst onto the bodybuilding scene in 1993, winning the New York State in his first ever attempt at the title. Winning the title of “Mr. New York,” Tony was poised to embark on a run towards a professional bodybuilding career on the national stage, but as the film documents his self-described obsession with “size” lead him to a decade long series of physical injuries and ailments. Regardless of these obstacles, and at times against doctors orders, Tony has soldiered on, and to this day can be found at World Gym on East Avenue, in Rochester, New York training almost nightly.

By day, Tony can be found behind the counter of Galleria Pizza on Main Street, where he runs his business with the same level of meticulous attention to detail as he puts into his training regimen.

A proud Christian, Tony has remarked that “the Lord has chosen me to be that bright shining light,” and he continues his training today, because “there’s certain people He wants me to touch, and to reach.”