“I wasn’t interested in any balance. I was interested in being a freak. I wanted to be as big, as scary as possibly I could.”

“Everything was excess with me. If somebody drank six beers, I drank twelve. You smoked five joints, I had to smoke six joints. It’s the same thing with the training. I do that the same as I did the drugs and the alcohol.”

“It was all about size–want to be bigger.”

“We would actually have garbage cans. For like on a heavy leg day if we were squatting, you would go to the point of regurgitation because you just wanted it so bad. You just wanted that extra rep. That extra rep was more size, it was more growth. And you would do whatever you had to do to get it. If you had to throw up after a workout…hey, good job.”

“Wake up in the morning, have a dozen egg whites, oatmeal. Two hours later, chicken breast, potatoes, fish, chicken. All told consuming forty egg whites in the course of a day. 40 eggs a day times five. 200, 300 eggs a week. Six to eight thousand calories, if you’re trying to bulk, if you’re trying to put on size.”

“Fortunately I’m in the food service business, so I’m able to buy a lot of my stuff wholesale. Fish, chicken, I have it sent right to my place of business.”

“I trained simply because I liked the respect that went along with the size.”

“People would tell me you’re unbelievable, you’re the biggest human being we’ve seen in Rochester in years. I’d look in the mirror and say, ‘you know what, I’m not happy yet, I need to be 320 pounds.”

“The Lord told me, ‘Tony there’s no end to this. You’re 290, when you get to 320, you’re going to look in the mirror and say I need to be 330. So how much is enough. When does it stop? When do the drugs stop? You’ll never really fill that hole in your heart.’”

“I went down a little too deep on the eighth rep, and when I tried to come up, my muscle decided that it was going to shred right off the bone.”

“When they repair a tricep rupture they have to keep the arm completely straight. You can’t bend your arm for six weeks. So, I was doing cardio. Actually, I was training one side. Because they said if you trained one side. You can stimulate the neurons on the other side. It wouldn’t grow but you would, by stimulating the neurons on one side, the other side would mimic that and you will limit the atrophy that might take place in your body.”

“The Lord has chosen me to be that bright shining light for World Gym on East Avenue and to tell people about the Gospel. He wants me there for a reason. There’s certain people he wants me to touch.”

“Nothing like the adrenaline release from a good heavy back workout. Nothing like it.”